“So, and how can I get this implemented?” – “Well, within standard – not at all.”

For many consultants this is where the story ends. Work is transferred to a programmer, who then will have to acquaint himself with the topic in order to then build a solution and reconcile it with the consultant and the line of business. It’s natural that this causes friction loss.

For me this is where the fun starts, no matter if it’s about reports, interfaces or complex dialog transactions. Especially User Exits, BADIs and Enhancements are very efficient tools to tune the system.

So, am I now a programming consultant or a consulting programmer? Sometimes this, sometimes that. Both sides are fun. And I’m good at both.

Oh, by the way: A good specification of the program requirements is also obligatory if requester and programmer are the same person. That simply is an integral part of a good project documentation.