For processes, experience is the crucial success factor, more than anywhere else in project work: Do I already know this process from another customer? From the same industry? How is a problem solved in other industries, in which details do the solutions differ?

Besides there are the experiences in business process re-engineering and optimization. Where can I take shortcuts, which processes are untouchable? Are there any special requirements in process design, like for example in the pharmaceutical industry?

And of course the ever-recurring question: How can I depict the processes in SAP? Or better: How can I implement the process in SAP in a way that the customer determines the process, not the software? It requires sensitiveness to find the right one among the proverbial thousands of knobs in SAP customizing to get to the optimal result.

After twenty years of experiences in consulting and SAP implementation I can seriously claim that there’s not much that can shatter me anymore …