05/2018 – 04/2020 Support / enhancement SAP FSH

 05/2018 – 04/2020  Support / enhancement SAP FSH
Company / industry: Fashion
Function: Consultant / developer
Tasks Post go-live support and further development of an existing SAP FSH system running on HANA

·         Development / implementation of customer processes

o    Interfacing external logistics suppliers

o    Resale of returns

o    Maintenance, development and troubleshooting of the order allocation process in sales orders and stock transfer orders

o    Maintenance and development of the logistics and shipment interfaces to DHL via SAP-PO

·         Comprehensive re-engineering of multiple business processes in the areas of allocation, delivery and shipment logistics

·         User support using Jira / ServiceNow

·         Programming of enhancements, interfaces and reports

11/2017 – 06/2018 Re-Engineering SAP SD

 11/2017 – 06/2018  Re-Engineering SAP SD
Company / industry: Government agency
Function: Consultant / developer
Tasks Re-Engineering of the SAP system in place, with special regard to

  • Simplification of complex pricing
  • Contract management
  • Moving complex developments back to standard
  • Error solving
  • Re-Engineering of account determination
  • Tax determination

01/2017 – ongoing – Synchronous interface SAP SD / MM to external warehouse company through SAP-PI

 01/2017 – 11/2017  Synchronous interface SAP SD / MM to external warehouse company through SAP-PI
Company / industry: Pharma
Function: Consultant / developer
  • Concept and development of an interface for the complete storage and shipment processing by external company PharmLog
  • Development of an interface for a multitude of functions. SAP side uses IDocs / RFCs, external side uses XML messages over http
    • -> Shipping notifications for replenishments
    • <- Goods receipt for replenishments
    • -> Customer deliveries
    • <- Goods issue / batch assignment for deliveries
    • -> Batch quality status changes
    • -> Customer reservations
    • -> Goods issue for scrapping
    • <- Goods movements in storage
    • <- Stock lists
  • Topmost priorities: Equal stocks on both sides, GxP compliance
  • Perform tests
  • Create transactions for surveillance of logs and stock differences

01/2016 – ongoing – Support / Coaching SAP SD

 01/2016 – ongoing  Support / Coaching SAP SD
Company / industry: Consumer goods manufacturer
Function: Consultant
  • Employee coaching in SD
  • Work together on implementing new SD requirements
  • Coaching for small developments, especially user exits / enhancements

05/2014 – 10/2015 – Roll out US / Denmark

 05/2014 – 10/2015  Roll out US / Denmark
Industry: Pharma
Function: Developer, Consultant
  • Implementation of local requirements exceeding the template
  • Enhancement of existing customer developments; if possible control of the local behavior through control tables
  • Forms development in Smart Forms and SAP interactive forms by Adobe

09/2012 – 07/2013 – Development / Support

 09/2012 – 07/2013  Development/ Support
Industry: Pharma
Function: Developer, Consultant
  • Germany / Austria / Switzerland: Optimization of sales & delivery processes
  • Upgrade to EHP 5: Adjustment of local developments using the tool Panaya
  • Support: Solving technical problems, bug fixing, small developments
  • USA: Participation in roll out activities
  • France: Implementation of an interface for credit card processing with a payment service provider using standard credit card management processes / interfaces in SD and FI

01/2011-08/2012 – France roll out

01/2011-08/2012 France roll out
Industry: Pharma
Function: Developer, Consultant
  • Roll out of centrally developed template to France
  • Sites: Vandeuil (near Reims) and Varennes (near Verdun)
  • Implementation of country-specific functions and other local deviations from / enhancements of the template:
    • Transaction for quick patient master data creation
    • Transaction for packaging & shipping (scan of delivery components, GI posting, shipment creation etc.)
    • Transaction for process order confirmation (production module)
    • Interfaces to local distributors (La Poste), external order entry systems (ALK Ordo) and many more
    • Data migration from legacy systems using LSMW: Customers (patients, doctors, ship-to partners), legacy sales orders
    • Form development (SAP Smartforms) for modules SD and PP-PS

06/2010-12/2010 – Development of a central roll-out template

06/2010-12/2010 Development of a central roll-out template
Industry: Pharma
Function: Developer, Consultant
  • Determination and unification of processes in sales, production and quality management
  • Development of missing functions
  • Development of generic import functions of master / document data in the involved modules using LSMW (SAP Legacy Systems Migration Workbench)

06/2009-08/2010 – Reorganization of processes in logistics and shipment

 06/2009-08/2010  Reorganization of processes in logistics and shipment
Industry: Pharma
Function: Developer, Consultant
  • Change of shipment method for pharmaceuticals: From shipment Production site à Country site à Customer to direct shipment Production site à Customer
  • Optimization of processes in packaging and shipping for the Madrid production site
  • Redesign of SAP shipment processes
  • Development and setup for new interfaces to local distributors
  • Redesign of shipment labeling:
    • Development of own labels (SAP Smartforms)
    • Development of predefined labels for local distributors (interfaces)